Bracken on the trials of fame.

Not so easy being a public figure. Soon as that video me and Fang did went viral, everyone wanted to talk to the talking dog and cat. We were hiding out in some forest and a news crew, to this day I have no idea how they tracked us down, they just roll up out of nowhere and want to talk to us. I was all for frying the lot of them with my breath but Angela persuaded me not to.

Then they start asking all these questions, you know the sort: What’s it like being a dog? How come you can talk? Show us the fire trick. Honestly, I preferred being attacked by super intelligent rats to getting interrogated by that lot.

Anyway, eventually we decided to get moving again, but I’m blowed if this news crew starts following us. In the end Angela did her wolf trick and chased them away while we took the opportunity to get as far away as possible. Like I said, that was by far the most stressful situation I have ever been in, and I’ve known a few. News. Yet another human obsession I shall never understand.

Bracken out.

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