Bracken on what it means to be an animal:

Animal. Even you lot invented that word. People never wonder what it’s like to speak a language created by a different species. Every word I use to describe myself: Dog, orange, grumpy, even my name were invented by humans. That’s the first thing that jars.

Then there’s the fact I don’t think like you. I don’t care about money, or territory, or culture. I remember there was some upset because a bunch of you had decided you didn’t want to be part of Europe, or some other stupid name. And I’m like, what do I care? I’m still living on the run, doesn’t affect me. You people will always use some excuse to fight or call one another names, what difference does it make if you’re independent or not?

Being an animal means you don’t care about borders. There are some places you stay away from because they’re bad places, but even us animals can get cocky. We only do what we need to survive, we don’t question the consequences or the morality. I’m not saying we always get it right. I often think I get it wrong. But that’s because I have the privilege of thinking that way. Privilege. Just another human word. You people do have an awful lot of words.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain because I do use those words, and some of them are quite nice. I’m gradually learning the concept of swear words and it’s surprising satisfying. Now I’m going to go off an learn some more, and I will come back and make your hair stand one end, so I will.

Bracken out.

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