– Sheffield Christian Film & Media Festival (Song of Songs)

– Exploding Cinema (Red Hair)


– Barnaby Festival (Canal)


Untitled – WIP

Through a Camera Darkly – WIP

The Horror – 2021

A cry of existential angst. 9 minutes, sound.

Landscape Odyssey – 2021

A phantasmagoric journey through a mysterious landscape. Let the camera guide you through the wilderness into the unknown. 21 minutes, sound.

And Fall Apart – 2021

We attempt to make sense of the world, but chaos is inevitable. Here the chaos of existence is embraced and celebrated. 42 minutes, sound.

Song of Songs – 2021

A visual prayer. Can be interpreted religiously, or as a hymn to the universe. For Tim Brooke Taylor. 67 minutes, sound.

Spooky Children – 2020

What is it about children that makes us uncomfortable? Perhaps it is only that they are a reminder of our own mortality. 9 minutes, sound.

Fade to Black – 2020

Why do we fear the dark? Here, the edge of light is employed to create a mood piece on the inevitable coming of darkness. 23 minutes, sound

Canal – 2020

Canal is a video reflection on a place that has held a great deal of significance for me growing up, Macclesfield Canal. 18 minutes, sound.

Link to watch the film:

Hex – 2020

An attempt to conjure dark voices through the medium of film. Could perhaps be called a digital curse. 7 minutes, sound.

Sundown – 2020

The sun sets on a crack in the hillside, accompanied by the sound of a running stream. A meditation on the passage of time. 41 minutes, sound.

Link to watch the film:

Microfilm – 2020

An empty path through deserted woodland. A voice crying in the stillness. A brief moment of beauty, before the darkness falls. 2 minutes, sound.

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Ruin – 2020

The house is a relic, a shell, a corpse of brick and stone. Within is a crumbling time capsule, shadows of the souls that dwelt there in a time long gone. 7 minutes, sound.

Link to watch the film:

Red Hair – 2019

A non-narrative portrait of six individuals with natural red hair. 11 minutes, sound.

Link to watch the film:

Forest – 2019

A non-narrative portrait of a forest somewhere in England. An attempt to create a digital map of a place that has been allowed to grow wild. 48 minutes, sound.

Link to watch the film:

Graveyard – 2019

Portrait of a graveyard where nature has taken hold. Juxtaposes the relics of souls long departed with the thriving of surrounding greenery. 8 minutes, silent.

Rise and go about the city – 2019

A meditation on the feeling of disorientation experienced by many when living in the big city. 6 minutes, sound.

Link to watch the film:

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