More thoughts from my friend Bracken:

So I met this dog once called Gromit. Funny looking thing, big brown bow ears and he never made a sound, though I can tell you he had the most piercing eyes of any animal I’ve ever met.

Anyway he was working on some contraption designed to light fire, apparently he wanted it to be safe for human hands. Gromit himself seemed quite capable with is paws despite the lack of opposable thumbs, but he was having trouble with this thing. It was built and all, but he couldn’t light anything with it. He’d set up one of those outdoor stoves you get and was trying unsuccessfully to light the inside with this weird blower thing.

So after watching him for a bit, I walked up and blew once and the oven was burning nice and brightly. Well, dear old Gromit nearly had a heart attack. Offered me a job there and then. Not sure what the job would have been on the grounds he didn’t speak, but it was one of my more memorable encounters with a fellow beast.

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