Hello and greetings to you, I started this website with a view to creating a weekly blog, but since I am too lazy to do such a thing, I have asked my friend Bracken to do a guest blog. Some of you may know Bracken as the fire breathing dog from my most recent effort Evolution. Bracken my dear, over to you.

Yeah, so that weird human with the red hair has asked me to record a blog for… someone. Readers? Don’t make me laugh. Obviously I can’t write the thing myself on account of not having opposable thumbs, so I’ve recorded a voice over which Charles is going to type up and post on his Youtube page. Told you he’s weird.

So what am I going to talk about?

Well, there’s being a dog. It’s not much fun. You get to run around a lot I suppose, but given I’ve never been anything other than a dog I suppose I can’t much compare it to anything else. Tell you what though, I’ve never really socialised with other dogs. The language barrier is a bit of a challenge. I mean I can understand them, because of body language and stuff like that. Oh, and there’s a surprising amount of meaning in a bark. For example, you may think every dog barking sounds the same but a short bark could mean anything from ‘Get off my territory before I rip your leg off’ to ‘I’m hungry, when’s dinner?’

So you see, we dogs lead complex inner lives. Or at least I do. Like I said, I don’t much talk to other dogs.

Bracken out.

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