No Face

I’ll be performing this on Monday 7th November as part of an evening celebrating the film ‘Spirited Away’:

Out in the dark I stand gazing at the light

No warmth out here

My pale skin bleached by moonlight

I am alone, the silent watcher

I can see you

I can hear you

You don’t know I’m here


Things were different then

I loved the night as much as any

Danced, sang, was alive as only a spirit can be

They took my face, my heart, my soul and left me empty

All I do now is watch and long to be part of that dance


She was an outsider like me

She didn’t know

She invited me in

And now I am here, no longer on the outside

I’ll extend a hand

Come to me, little thing

I have what you most desire

I may have no face but I know what you want

And now we are together


Here they come, pouring in

Took no notice when I was outside

They all want something

Well, I’ll give it to them

And then I’ll make them part of me and none of us will ever be alone ever again

Come to me

I can make you loved, needed, wanted

Take my hand

Give in to me


She came with sin

That’s how she did it

I could have made her part of me as well

But she reached inside and choked and poisoned

Until I was empty and alone as before

But I’ll keep watching because that’s who I am

Surprisingly easy to watch even when you have

No face.

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