The Lothian Problem

A comedy written and performed by Charles Eades

“A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” – William Shakespeare talking about this play.

After a divisive referendum, Scotland has split from the United Kingdom and now endures the tyrannical rule of the far right dictator Macbeth. In the resulting chaos one family must survive Roman soldiers, rogue Glaswegians and giant walking plants in a not particularly serious commentary on the state of Britain today.

The critics are raving about this new surrealist comedy from playwright and actor Charles Eades:

“Loved it – that was a terrific and very funny performance” – The author’s mum

“A libellous travesty against our beloved homeland” – The Scotsman

“How did you get this number?” – Nicola Sturgeon, Grand Vizier of Holyrood

“What do ye mean, I’m in it?” – Sir Billy Connolly AKA The Big Yin

Next performance:

January 18th – Jacksons Pit, Oldham

Tickets £5/£4 concessions on the door, or to book online at a discount go to: